Claw Illustration

Female Body

Female body is a typical example of artwork I did a long time ago (August 2002) and I used it again during the time I learned how to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and especially Adobe Illustrator. Creating vector graphics was a new experience and I realised that I can use my drawings to generate versions of them. In this case just by adding layers of structures I also generated by using Adobe Illustrator. The drawing from 2002 was my own way to create surreal figures so that the following series was created in this period. Focussing on the human body and its shadows I used pictures of bodies and sculls to generate my own idea of them. Maybe they look dark but I think this depends on the personal definition of the viewer.

Space Girl Skizze

Space Girl Artwork

Space Girl – Watercolour and fineliner

Space Girl is a large illustrative painting I did at the end of 2014. I collect pictures from newspapers, journals and other media to use them as drafts but I normaly only use the posture of a person as you can see here. The original picture is viewable on the photo above. I painted the picture in a large format (DIN A1) without any reason but as quite a lot of famous paintings show, the larger a painting is the more impressive it appears to the viewer. But maybe this only my personal sensation.

Illustration Girl - Frau in Blau
Illustration „Space Girl“

Dotting Art - Seehorses

Dotting – a new painting technique

In 2015 I started a new technique which I call “Dotting”. I’m still experimenting with it as there are different factors influencing the look of a picture and the composition. I tried ink and watercolor as I thoungt that the transparency of these colours are perfect for the technique. The first picture I made was this one. More a sketch than a painting but I wanted to try something out. I realised that I had to wait until the colour is dry and the real look comes out.


Yes – in fact. It is dark but to be honest. I was in a dark period when I painted it. No comment but I will keep it for myself as a reminder for me. Then I found out what I can really do with the technique and I optimized the steps a little bit so that these paintings were done. The first one was on tumblr start page when I published it so that I received a lot of new followers. More than 400 reactions where on that picture. Not bad as start.

After this I came to the next step. I was thinking about animals and especially about their X-rays. I combined in my mind animal X-rays and their normal look so that first these two pictures came out. I was always focusing on the basic structure of the current animal and the X-ray gave me an idea of the lines I need to draw. I’m still working on new versions and at the moment I keep it as a secret as to what kind of tools I use for the technique but the tools are the important fact about the final look.

Fillable brushes

I bought some of these ones but my personal opinion is: Needless and waste of plastic. You can fill in colour and paint by pressing the pen. The more you press the more colour comes out. These are the cheap ones and they lose hair. I hope that the “PRO-Edition” is better but I won’t buy it. I prefer normal brushes for my work and I can recommend for example Da Vinci brushes. Keep them clean and they will stay with you for a long time. Anyway – I will give them to my six year old nephew.

Comment: Ok – One day later I found this one and as you can see the PRO edition works better if a PRO uses it.