Dotting Art using syringes

Drawer, graphic artist, creator

„I am not the best drawer but I can express emotions in a line.“

I wrote this sentence in my sketchbook one day after drawing a person sitting opposite me in the tram from Bonn to Cologne with quick strokes. The result was moderately good and nevertheless the drawing was exciting in its own way. I brought my emotions into the stroke and that provides the basis for further processing.

I reduce strokes, capture curves, transform and thus create a new form. Every drawing, every graphic work, every visualisation I make has its own handwriting and is thus different from the masses.

Graphics and illustration with fineliner, ink, watercolour and graffiti paint

I don’t commit to one single style, but always experiment with tools, colours and graphic techniques. As a graphic artist, I visualise objects and people, trying to create a mixture of extremes and harmony. Inspired by different graphic artists I combine techniques like

  • Dotting: use of medical syringes and watercolour paint
  • Stencil: stencil technique that has gained enormous popularity through street artists like Banksy.
  • Fineliner and ink drawing
  • Construction: Geometric character development