Dotting art - FACE V1 - Dotting - watercolour on paper - Ornament

New final Dotting artwork using medical enjections

I finished two new Dotting artworks a few days ago and this is the first one called „FACE“ V1 (V1 means first Version of a FACE). This is the first time I use my unique illustration technique for a human representation. Finding the perfect structure for the Dotting technique is always a complex process and I need to do a lot of sketches until I have a final drawing I can use for the first version. Sometimes the whole process can take more than a week depending on the object. Photoshop allows me to create digital versions of the scanned artwork. A dark background is more effective on a screen and this is the reason why you can see the two versions below. Dotting is my own art technique. The important tools I use for it are medical injections to apply the colour on the paper.

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