Robot Illustration Watercolour

Robot painting drawing

Robot illustration – Watercolour and ink on paper


Robots is a series I started at the end of 2014 and I’m still working on it. Other characters and other technics are planned. I was thinking about our time now and the upcoming future. Robots or AI are already a part of our normal life as they do things in the industry but also in the military section. No human failure, no rest, nothing should go wrong. It’s been said that in the future intelligent robots and Artificial Intelligence will be able to make human planning and decisions. That’s the idea but think about military drowns or military robots. If something goes wrong and if responsible persons lose control. Then what?

The way I started to work was a really easy step. Drawing a line from the top to the bottom of the paper. Then I began to draw the head and its parts by constructing geometric forms. The idea was to create the characters plane, abstract and surrealistic, without any shadows or plasticity. I had a kind of mural painting in my mind and wanted to keep it simple focusing on the coloured layers as a last step. I constructed first just one side and transferred later every point and every line or circle to the other side.

Robot painting „Robot 3“

For the first one (see below) I used acrylic colour, later I changed to watercolour. The important fact is that I never made a sketch of the whole robot or the geometric parts like the head, the arms or the legs. I build it up completely from the top to the bottom.

„Robot 1“

Robot 1 - Acrylic on paper
Robot 1 – Acrylic on paper

Robot illustration „Robot 2“


Robot illustration „Robot 4“

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