Skulls Artwork

Skulls – Artworks 2000 – 2017

Skulls – Artworks 2000 – 2017

My passion for the human skull began when I was a teenager and the first artwork I did was a stencil on my skateboard. Since that time I started collecting pictures and photos of any skull to use them for an own visual interpretation. My idea was never to show death or mortality. It is always about the abstract form when the basic object is hidden by a kind of mask created by shadows, layers and lines. While today my style is more constructive I used to draw the basic sketch more energetic and curved. 2015 I developed Dotting as a painting technique. What began just as an idea in my mind has become a perfection orientated process based on first artworks and sketches.

The particular thing about Dotting artwork is the tool that is used for it. The colour is applied precisely using syringes so that an ornamental composition of elements joined by minimal colour transitions is created. Skull V3, V4 and V5 are the newest Dotting works and an important fact is that Skull V5 is a combination of V3 and V4.

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