Dotting Art using syringes

Graphic Designer & Graphic Artist

Fineliner drawings, ink, watercolor painting, graffiti stencils

Farbtunnel – that’s me: Tobias Sylvester Vierneisel – Graphic artist, media designer and inventor of the Dotting artwork technique.

I don’t commit to one single style, but always experiment with tools, colours and graphic techniques. As a graphic artist, I visualise objects and people, trying to create a mixture of extremes and harmony.

Illustration - DRAGONFLY V1 – Dotting – watercolour on paper – 56 x 42 cm

„I am not the best drawer but I can express emotions in a line.“

I developed Dotting as an illustration technique in 2015. What started as an idea, based on initial work and studies, has now become a perfection-oriented process.

What is special about Dotting is the artistic tool that is used. Medical syringes are used for precise and controlled application of the watercolor paint, resulting in ornament-like image compositions with minimal color transitions.

Ornament Dotting Art
Face Illustration Dotting Art
Skull Dotting Art