Dotting Art using syringes

Graphic Designer & Graphic Artist

„I am not the best drawer but I can express emotions in a line.“

Fineliner drawings, ink, watercolor painting, graffiti stencils

Farbtunnel – that’s me: Tobias Sylvester Vierneisel – Graphic artist, media designer and inventor of the Dotting artwork technique.

I don’t commit to one single style, but always experiment with tools, colours and graphic techniques. As a graphic artist, I visualise objects and people, trying to create a mixture of extremes and harmony.

Dragonfly Dotting Art
Dotting Art Face Illustration
Stencil Art Print
Stencil art print
Wladimir Putin Portrait
Donals Trump Illustration
Dotting Art Skull Illustration
Dot art Parrot
Dotting Art Skull
Rats Illustration
Stencil Art Print Women
Samurai Illustration
Robot illustration
Skull Dotting Art
Dotting Art Skull
Butterfly Watercolour Illustration
Robot watercolour illustration