Illustration - DRAGONFLY V1 – Dotting – watercolour on paper – 56 x 42 cm


Dotting Art – a unique illustration technique

For my Dotting Artwork I use syringes for applying colour

I developed Dotting as a painting technique in 2015. What began just as an idea in my mind has become a perfection orientated process based on first artworks and sketches. The technique Dotting requires above all three things: patience, sensitivity and an ease of mind.

The particular thing about Dotting  artwork is the tool that is used for it. The colour is applied precisely using syringes so that an ornamental composition of elements joined by minimal colour transitions is created. The white surface of the paper provides the border so that the elements have no contact with one another.

By choosing the object the sketching and capturing of an optimal structure for the Dotting technique begins. The created structure is the main part of every artwork and represents the visual look and the effect generated by the Dotting technique. If the structure misfits, the whole composition appears unbalanced and unequal.