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Dotting – a new painting technique

In 2015 I started a new technique which I call “Dotting”. I’m still experimenting with it as there are different factors influencing the look of a picture and the composition. I tried ink and watercolor as I thoungt that the transparency of these colours are perfect for the technique. The first picture I made was this one. More a sketch than a painting but I wanted to try something out. I realised that I had to wait until the colour is dry and the real look comes out.


Yes – in fact. It is dark but to be honest. I was in a dark period when I painted it. No comment but I will keep it for myself as a reminder for me. Then I found out what I can really do with the technique and I optimized the steps a little bit so that these paintings were done. The first one was on tumblr start page when I published it so that I received a lot of new followers. More than 400 reactions where on that picture. Not bad as start.

After this I came to the next step. I was thinking about animals and especially about their X-rays. I combined in my mind animal X-rays and their normal look so that first these two pictures came out. I was always focusing on the basic structure of the current animal and the X-ray gave me an idea of the lines I need to draw. I’m still working on new versions and at the moment I keep it as a secret as to what kind of tools I use for the technique but the tools are the important fact about the final look.

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