About FARBTUNNEL art and graphics

Farbtunnel is Tobias Sylvester Vierneisel – Graphic artist, media designer and inventor of the Dotting artwork technique born in Heidelberg (Old Town), based in Bonn.

Farbtunnel is a project to publish Tobias’ graphic art, experimental works and creative stuff. Most of the artworks are created using analog tools. Paper, pen, brushes, other tools and different kind of colours are always the base of the whole creative process.

In 2015 the „Dotting“ technique was born. A painting and illustration technique for which Tobias uses medical injections .

Farbtunnel Tobias Sylvester Vierneisel Creative Extremes

„I’ve never been to any art school or art university. I studied media design at the Rheinische Fachhochschule in Cologne but looking at my graphics and art the only important stuff I learned there was to use graphic software. Usefull tools for finishing and tuning graphics and to develop versions of a drawing or painting. But I learned other important things during that time which I can use now for my business. I prefer doing my stuff analog and I think that in some cases the analog way is also easier and faster compared to the digital way but at the end the options a graphic software gives you are interesting, flexible and allow you to try things out but important is: There is a way back. You can undo changes you made.“