Robot watercolour Illustration

Drawings and Illustration

Drawings with pencil and fineliner

I draw only analog, because I see the process itself as a challenge and time is not an issue for me. It is important to me to create my own versions of an object when I use a sample. I often use large paper formats, because then I can create the shapes with more movement.

Kiss Illustration
Wladimir Putin Portrait
Fine Liner Portrait Women
Illustration - DRAGONFLY V1 – Dotting – watercolour on paper – 56 x 42 cm

Drawing is something personal

For me, drawing is a process by which I capture and develop objects and forms. Of course, I sometimes try to draw something in detail, but I’m more interested in transformation and, therefore, abstraction. This way I modify shapes and create my own version in which the original object is still visible.

Abstract Linoprint Shadowplay
Rats Illustration
Robot watercolour illustration
Artificial Intelligence

Pencil Drawing and Illustration

I consciously capture shadows and outlines with a lot of movement from the wrist in order to create my own new surfaces and consequently my own version of the object. Photos, newspaper cuttings and other stuff provide me with a creative basis for this.

Angry: Analog and digital art combination
Robot illustration
Women Illustration
Graffiti Stencil art print
Linoprint artwork Shadowplay_1
Samurai Illustration
Graffiti Stencil Art Print Women
Skull lines
Abstract Body Drawing
Abstract Skull Drawing
Abstract Skull Drawing