Graffiti Art Bonn

Stencil Graffiti Art

Stencil Art: A complex paper cut art

At some point I had the idea to transfer the structure of nylon tights onto surfaces. In the first case I wanted to decorate drawer fronts in this way, which succeeded well at the time. The only drawback was that the spray paint only allowed the tights to be used once. It wasn’t quite until a year later that I used the technique again and came up with the idea of scanning the nylon tights and vectorizing them. This way I created areas and patterns that I could finally transfer to paper.

Again some time passed until I finally extended the process: I combined the structures of the vectorized areas with the silhouette of a woman I had created. This is how the work Female Body Remixed_2 was finally created.

Stencil Art Female Body

Graffiti art prints from Bonn

I love the smell of graffiti paint in the morning. But that doesn’t mean that I spray on walls outside; I prefer spraying on paper or canvas and creating an artwork in the studio. Headphones on, mask on and music on. Cutting out areas for hours and placing the stencil onto paper at the end to see the final result.

Over the time, various female silhouettes have been combined with the structures of the tights. In contrast to first work Female Body Remixed_2 graffiti paint was used.

>> Some of them are available as graffiti art prints.

The largest stencil I created for the artwork Shadowplay, of which I have recorded the process in a video.

Graffiti Stencil Art Shadowplay

Paper cut out art

The series Ghost is created through a process that I use sometimes. A screenshot from of a photo blog with nudes and fashion images provided the basis. By vectorizing, the shadows and areas are reduced and thus disturbed. Nothing of the person is recognizable anymore. Then the mesh structure is added and the base is adjusted. Finally, the process of cutting out using the graphic knife takes place.

Graffiti Stencil art print
Graffiti Stencil Art Print Women
Graffiti Stencil Girl

„Streetart“: Inspired by an old road marking

Inspired by an old road marking in Bonn I created a complex abstract stencil. I was fascinated by its structure. Weather and tires had left their marks over the time so that a kind of abstract painting has been created.

Graffiti Stencil Art Print
Stencil Art