Stencil Art Black Light effect

Graffiti Stencil Art

Graffiti Stencil on fine art paper

The fingers hurt, it’s cold and I haven’t even cut out a fifth of all black areas. The paper is a heavy acrylic paper and accordingly hard, so that the cutter blades from Martor wear out quickly. Without impulsive electronic beats on my ears I would not be able to stand it for long. But somehow the dark cold hall of the Schaumburg Bonn is the ideal place for this kind of artwork and underlines the process, which in the meantime seems like a fight to me. I switched off completely and forgot everthing around me. As I was not constantly working on the stencil, days, weeks, months passed by.

Only half a year later it was finished and the huge graffiti stencil was ready for the application of paint. I cannot say how long it took me in the end to cut out all black layers. Then graffiti and acrylic paint were used and the moment of truth followed. When you lift the stencil off, you can see if the visual idea corresponds to what you see on the paper. 3D and black light effect in one artwork.

Graffiti Stencil Art Shadowplay

Art with fishnet tights

The idea: I had paper in the size 105 x 155 centimetres and wanted to make a large complex stecil. The basis for this: Fishnet tights, with which I had been experimenting graphically for some time and, fascinated by the structures, created vectorised surfaces. Vectorizing in this case means that I scan the fishnet tights stretched and then convert it into vectors. The distortion creates surfaces which in the end form the basis for the stencil.