Dotting Art using syringes

Dot Art: Dotting as an illustration technique

As a graphic artist, I focus on the visualisation of organic forms and creatures, among other things using a technique where medical syringes are used to apply the colour. Dotting, as I call the technique, creates an ornament-like structure in which the focus is not on the realistic part, but on the unique. For this reason, nature with its living creatures is one of the central themes for my work.

„How long I need for a Dotting work, I cannot say. In the case of the dragonfly watercolour illustration, it was certainly more than 15 hours. A lot of time passes from the first sketch to the final dot. Often the construction has to be reworked or the colours run messy.“

Dragonfly Illustration Dotting Art

Dragonfly Illustration: A watercolour animal painting

Medium: Watercolour on paper
Technique: The paint is applied with syringes
Size: 41 x 56 cm

For each dotting artwork, a construction is developed that creates the final ornament-like structure. The challenge is to create harmony between colours, surfaces and structure.

Farbtunnel Künstler aus Bonn

For my Dotting artwork I use syringes for applying colour

I developed Dotting as a painting technique in 2015. What began just as an idea in my mind has become a perfection orientated process based on first artworks and sketches. The technique Dotting requires above all three things: patience, sensitivity and an ease of mind.

The particular thing about Dotting artwork is the tool that is used for it. The colour is applied precisely using syringes so that an ornamental composition of elements joined by minimal colour transitions is created. The white surface of the paper provides the border so that the elements have no contact with one another.

Each object is sketched, constructed and finally created on watercolor paper.

Face Illustration Dotting Art
Watercolor Artwork Dotting Art
Butterfly Watercolour Illustration Dotting Art
Silberfisch Illustration