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Psychedelic Dotting Art

Dotting art gets a special effect when black is used as a background. Therefore, I cleanly expose all the work in Adobe Photoshop and put a black layer behind it.

The colors look more contrasty, stronger, almost psychedelic.

Dotting Art

light dark contrast

Face Illustration Dotting Art


My passion for the human skull began when I was a teenager and the first artwork I did was a stencil on my skateboard. Since that time I started collecting pictures and photos of any skull to use them for an own visual interpretation. My idea was never to show death or mortality. It is always about the abstract form when the basic object is hidden by a kind of mask created by shadows, layers and lines.

Seahorse Illustration
Dotting artwork - Skull Illustration, abstrakter Schädel, Aquarell Schädel
Dotting - Skull Illustration - abstrakter Schädel - Schädel Aquarell

ornamental construction


The dragonfly was the second insect I explored. The challenge was not to reproduce reality, but to create a new organic form. I always do sketches of specific parts of the object in order to create the final ornamental construction from various drafts at the end.

Dragonfly Illustration

The analog process

The analog part of the creative process has an essential value for my work. The haptic of the paper, the color, the lighting conditions – color applied in the evening, often has a more intense and contrasting effect at daylight in the morning. Also the coincidence and the associated uncontrolledness let arise unexpectedly new things, especially in the analog process. In digital processes I feel rather disturbed by the technology.

But The silverfish is an example of how the version on black is essentially more intensive. The light/dark contrast provides a more intense effect for the human eye. However, the optimal end result in terms of visual impact here depends on a digital process. Dotting as a technique using watercolor cannot be done on black paper. That’s why I’ve cropped the analog version here and intensified it with layer effects.

Silberfisch Illustration

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